Wheel House Designs Socks

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

wheelhouse-designs-socksWheel House Designs has been designing unique socks since 1989.

Wheel House Designs Socks are available at the Wild Bird Barn in Baraboo, WI.

Right from the start, the cow sock put them on the map as being an innovator in the novelty sock industry. They now offer over 400 sock designs.  All proudly MADE IN THE USA!

Wheel House cushioned socks are soft terry loop construction, which protects feet and reduces the shock of impact. They are engineered to provide protection against blisters and wick away moisture to keep feet dry. Acrylic, the most widely used fiber for athletic socks is soft, washes well and holds its shape. This style of sock makes a great sneaker sock and is perfect for hiking boots too.

Most of their socks are Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Cotton. Cotton is widely preferred for softness. Nylon is used for strength and spandex is great for stretching power. The brilliant colors show detail in all of the designs.

Lightweight Stretch Cotton makes great form fitting socks. Each pair is made with high quality soft cotton and has great stretching power wash after wash.

The colorful motifs certainly make a fashion statement! This style goes with a wide variety of shoes, especially sandals. (more…)

Designer Apparel | Art You Can Wear

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

sunnsand-canvas-toteAdd Some Color To Your Wardrobe with Artistic Apparel by Sun N Sand

With colorful designer handbags, scarves, totes, cosmetic bags, head wear, caps and umbrellas by Sun N Sand, you can express your artistic creativity with unlimited variety.

Designer Laurel Burch is known for her artistic silk scarves, canvas totes and bags as well as umbrellas.

Stop by the Wild Bird Barn today to see what’s in store and the latest in designer fashion accessories!


We also offer gift certificates for the discerning shopper who has everything. (but, is certain to find something new and special in our store)

We carry designer fragrances, earrings and other jewelry items too!