Trisha Waldron Jewelry Designs

waldron-jewelry-braceletJewelry Designs by Trisha Waldron are now available at the Wild Bird Barn in Baraboo

About Waldron Jewelry Designs:

Trisha Waldron started her jewelry business twenty years ago, working on her kitchen table, a single mother peddling her designs from an ancient pickup truck. When the kitchen table —ancient as the truck—- collapsed, spilling beads everywhere, she moved to her garage instead.

waldron-jewelry-necklaceIn 2006, Trisha chose other endeavors, but still adds her input and advice on jewelry designs.

From there Trisha Waldron has expanded to a thriving company consisting of close to thirty moms, wives, sisters, grandmas and friends. All dedicated to creating new jewelry designs that are unique.

They incorporate gems, minerals, and beautiful castings, old and new beads from around the world, ancient coins, Swarovski crystal, fresh water pearls into beautiful, handcrafted pieces of jewelry.

waldron-jewelry-necklace-2“Designs for a different world” has been the driving force for this company and continues to be, with unique designs from around the world. They currently feature seven jewelry lines. Most pieces carry an educational story on the back of the card telling the origin of each piece, its component, or the inspiration.

Trisha Waldron Designs is dedicated to designing a different world through the sharing of special jewelry pieces.

Stop by the WIld Bird Barn of Baraboo, Wisconsin to see what we have special in store for you!

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